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midi monday: nickelback - how you remind me

i was trying to think of something to write about this song and i found something way better than anything i could say: a geocities page where a tenth grader named emily copypasted, or should i say, archived some of her schoolwork. this is from her “poetry project” and her explanations of poems/song lyrics she used to describe herself. (or a pair of shoes… or something. it’s a little confusing.) anyway:

The images that we portray are not always true to who we are. If people take the time and the strength needed to shed there “masks” and show their real selves we could all really get to know who we all really are. One of my pet peeves has got to be lies and the phoniness of much of our world. In “how you remind me” Nickelback also sings about cutting though the layer of lies and images we all have to find who we really are and how sometimes one person can complement our being in.

and even though this part isn’t about nickelback i feel i have to add this nugget of wisdom too:

There is a part of “In the end” by Linkin Park that sings about time and how “unreal” the way it works is. I don’t really have an explanation for its meaning but whenever I hear that part of the song I just stop and listen and think. There is something so true about it.

i hope that as you listen to this midi you think about emily’s words, and that it makes you feel something, something more real than your bland, beige instagrammed life. i dunno, her catcher in the rye essay really moved me, really made me think, man. wow. ap english really opens your eyes.

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